How to solve chip enable error in Progisp tool

While using the progisp tool to download or flash hex file or flash file to your micro-controller (8051 AT89S52) you may face "Chip Enable" error.

Reason for Chip enable error in progisp:

1)Main reason for this error could be wrong connections.

80% of techies do his mistake. This can be solved by checking the connection between Serial ISP Programmer and Micro-controller. Many times Gnd,Vcc,Sck,MISO,MOSI,RST connection does not match with each other. This should be given properly by Gnd-Gnd, Vcc-Vcc, Sck-Sck, MISO-MISO, MOSI-MOSI, RST-RST.

2)Check whether the power to the ISP Programmer and micro-controller are correctly supplied.

This is small mistake 90% of techie wont do this mistake.

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