Power supply circuit in microcontroller - Embedded interview questions

There are two things worth attention concerning the microcontroller power supply circuit:


It is a potentially dangerous state which occurs at the moment the microcontroller is being turned off or in situations when power supply voltage drops to the limit due to electric noise. As the microcontroller consists of several circuits which have different operating voltage levels, this state can cause its out-of-control performance. In order to prevent it, the microcontroller usually has built-in circuit for brown out reset. This circuit immediately resets the whole electronics when the voltage level drops below the limit.

Reset pin 

It is usually marked as MCLR (Master Clear Reset) and serves for external reset of the microcontroller by applying logic zero (0) or one (1), depending on type of the microcontroller. In case the brown out circuit is not built in, a simple external circuit for brown out reset can be connected to this pin.

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