What is Oscillator in microcontroller?? - Embedded interview questions

Even pulses coming from the oscillator enable harmonic and synchronous operation of all circuits of the microcontroller. The oscillator module is usually configured to use quartz crystal or ceramic resonator for frequency stabilization. Furthermore, it can also operate without elements for frequency stabilization (like RC oscillator). It is important to say that instructions are not executed at the rate imposed by the oscillator itself, but several times slower. It happens because each instruction is executed in several steps. In some microcontrollers, the same number of cycles is needed to execute any instruction, while in others, the execution time is not the same for all instructions. Accordingly, if the system uses quartz crystal with a frequency of 20 MHz, execution time of an instruction is not 50nS, but 200, 400 or 800 nS, depending on the type of Microcontroller Unit (MCU)!

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