What is Serial Communication ?? - Embedded Interview Questions

Parallel connections between the microcontroller and peripherals via input/output ports is the ideal solution for shorter distances- up to several meters. However, in other cases - when it is necessary to establish communication between two devices on longer distances it is not possible to use a parallel connection - such a simple solution is out of question. In these situations, serial communication is the best solution.

Today, most microcontrollers have built in several different systems for serial communication as a standard equipment. Which of these systems will be used depends on many factors of which the most important are:
1.How many devices the microcontroller has to exchange data with?
2.How fast the data exchange has to be?
3.What is the distance between devices?
4.Is it necessary to send and receive data simultaneously?

One of the most important things concerning serial communication is the Protocol which should be strictly observed. It is a set of rules which must be applied in order that the devices can correctly interpret data they mutually exchange. Fortunately, the microcontrollers automatically take care of this, so the work of the programmer/user is reduced to simple write (data to be sent) and read (received data).

Baud Rate

The term Baud rate is commonly used to denote the number of bits transferred per second [bps].

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