What are multicast, broadcast and point-to-point?

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What are multicast, broadcast and point-to-point?


Ethernet addressing scheme used to send packets to devices of a certain type or for broadcasting to all nodes. The least significant bit of the most significant byte of a multi-cast address is one.

A transmission to multiple, unspecified recipients. On Ethernet, a broadcast packet is a special type of multicast packet which all nodes on the network are always willing to receive.

(PPP) The protocol defined in RFC 1661, the Internet standard for transmitting network layer data grams (e.g. IP packets) over serial point-to-point links. 

PPP has a number of advantages it is designed to operate both over asynchronous connections and bit-oriented synchronous systems, it can configure connections to a remote network dynamically, and test that the link is usable. PPP can be configured to encapsulate different network layer protocols (such as IP, IPX, or AppleTalk) by using the appropriate Network Control Protocol (NCP).