How would you download a code to the target ?

The code is normally downloaded by either of two ways, flashing, or auto down loading. In the flashing mode, Hex file is used as input, and the 3rd party software tool is normally used to Download the hex file. There will be provision to select the start address and end address, where the load has to put. Once this is all done, there will be provision to flash this load to the EEPROM using a BDM connector. All the software does, is read the address and data and starts storing that in the EEPROM.

Some time Bootloader if present the application software can be loaded using the bootloader, there the Bootloader expects the application software in a specific format, such as header, checksum, CRC, placed in appropriate place. Then when the loading starts the bootloader will takes the load from floppy and dump in the EEPROM. Here compatibility test will be performed, if the CRC is not matching, the loading will be discarded, by the bootloader.

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