How to create a project using MPLAB IDE

Before going to this tutorial, Have you installed the MPLAB X ide and XC8 compile. Then click the link below to download and install it 😊.

How to create a project using MPLAB IDE

1. File -> New Project
2. Select Standalone project. (If you wish to select others click that option also you can see the description below)
3. Select the family or directly enter the name of the device.
4. Select the debugger you want to use. (Mostly preferred is ICD3)
5. Select the compiler
6. Give the name of the project
7. Finish to create the project

Create a .c file for the project

1. Select source files
2. Right click and select New -> main.c
3. Give a name for the .c file
4. Save it.

Generate Hex file

1. Modify the code as required
2. Click Build or clean and build.
3. In Output window build successful will come if the compilation is passed.
4. Also it will give the path of the generated hex file.

See the video tutorial below

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