What is the processor support provided for debugging ? Explain JTAG/BDM ?

A standard specifying how to control and monitor the pins of compliant devices on a printed circuit board. Each device has four JTAG control lines. There is a common reset (TRST) and clock (TCLK). The data line daisy chains one device's TDO pin to the TDI pins on the next device.  The protocol contains commands to read and set the values of the pins (and, optionally internal registers) of devices. 

This is called "boundary scanning". The protocol makes board testing easier as signals that are not visible at the board connector may be read and set. The protocol also allows the testing of equipment, connected to the JTAG port, to identify components on the board (by reading the device identification register) and to control and monitor the device's outputs. JTAG is not used during normal operation of a board.

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